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“We talked about several incidents and one of our gridlocked issues that we hadn’t fully processed or solved. The activities gave us the time to do so when it probably wouldn’t have happened. Now we have some great tools to keep us talking!”

"Before this workshop, I felt our issues were insurmountable, that our marriage was on the rocks and at a 'do or die' time. With the dialogues we've had, we've realized that the issues aren't nearly as big, only that the 'four horsemen' were making them bigger and bigger. For the first time in our marriage, I feel like we have the tools to communicate with one another and really tackle the issues. Before the workshop, I felt that we needed intensive couples therapy. Now I feel like we simply need an hour a week with these techniques to keep our marriage in a wonderful place."

“First hearing the information, then doing the exercises was helpful for us.”

“Both presenters were outstanding - patient, caring, insightful & knowledgable. I feel fortunate to have participated in this workshop (with both presenters) and I am coming away with new tools, hope, and optimism - Thank you both very, very much!”

"I feel way more committed to my partner because we finally have some techniques that will help us either solve them or at least understand and live with them. We have both found ourselves flooded and ready to give up in previous attempts at getting through our problems."

“The role-plays and personal stories of the presenters were a highlight for me.”

"Great workshop, we both learned a lot, would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to others. Presenters were knowledgeable and helpful and professional."

“Very worthwhile, will recommend to everyone as a tool for strengthening relationships.”

“It was Great! I like the tools for working through issues. Very concrete, usable material. It will help us with our gridlocked issues.”

"Helped us set goals and renewed and continued to strengthen our commitment to each other and our relationship."

“Very beneficial and worthwhile weekend - Thank You!”

“You may have saved our marriage! We got so much out of both days. We have always had similar wants and values, likes and dislikes, but have struggled with conflict - what a relief to find that we could deal with it in a humane and gentle way - Thank You.”

“We learned safer ways to discuss gridlocked issues.”

“Great investment of time and money!”

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